Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Flat Stanley

Do you know Flat Stanley?

Apparently he's a character from a 1950's kids book that was accidentally flattened when a bulletin board fell on him while he was sleeping.

Since then, Flat Stanley has traveled the world via envelopes and has seen some amazing sights.

Flat Stanley arrived at our home yesterday and we treated him like a guest.

We took him to the park,

he survived riding on the dangerous streets...

he went down slides,

climbed up real high....

got some Portuguese on each cheek,

Saw a sunset and boats on the Atlantic ocean,

ate some traditional Portuguese soup,

At an Italian restaurant...go figure?

Can you find Flat Stanley in this picture?

I must say, that Stanley behaved himself like a perfect gentleman while visiting us. He's on his way back to Mississippi to Maya, the sweet young lady that sent him to us. Along with Stanley is a paper telling all about our city and country.

Now, Maya gets to take Flat Stanley back to school and tell of his travels and show these pictures to her classmates.

What a fun idea!

.................Or am I just desperate for visitors?


The Hat Chick said...

Both my peeps had a Flat Stanley, and we've carted other Stanley's around with us. That guy sure does get around.

Your kids look like they had lots of fun with it.

Dani Joy said...

Ok, so we will have to see if we compare to Flat Stanely! haha
We´re comin´soon!

What a cute idea! funny and a little quirky! ;)

Looks like the Girls like it too!

Anonymous said...

Flat Stanley had a wonderful day. Can I crawl into an envelope and mail myself to Portugal for such a day? I want to slide with all my babies, play in the park, view a Portugese sunset over the Atlantic ocean and eat Portugese soup at an Italian restaurant in Portugal. I am despirate to be a visitor. I love all of you, as always. I never tire of saying that. I hope you never tire of reading it.


Anonymous said...

Oh yea. I forgot, I want 14 Portugese kisses.


Pilar Stark said...

Wow, I have never heard of something like that but it sounds like a great school project.
Are you that desperate for too :)Maybe Daniella and I should meet you where you are in Portugal instead of ou meeting us in Madrid.... Ups, I just gor an idea! :)...

Anonymous said...

I think that's a really cool idea!!!

He's the best kind of guest - you don't need to wash the sheets for him.


Mom said...

It was a fun idea! I enjoyed seeing Flat Stanley's adventures. Now if he can make it safely back across that BIG water.
I hope you get visitors soon... maybe from Spain?
I love you knuckle head!

Betty said...

I had a Flat Stanley visit me here in Paraguay too. He came from Canada, went to Australia, then to me in Paraguay, then I sent him to the US and from there he´s returning to Canada. Some trip huh?
Looks like your Stanley had a good time with your kids!

Jen said...

I've heard of those school projects. How fun! Sounds like you did a great job entertaining him!

Dani Joy said...

Congrats Nina on your Congrats on the Health and Fitness blog! It worked! 15lbs!! you got me by 5. :) :) :)
I am workin on those 5 lbs before our trip!
What am I gonna do for exersize while I am traveling? That´s my question. gonna have to be really careful not to over eat too. oooo .. just don´t want to go back wards. I gain weight just looking at food.

Gayle said...

Glad to see Flat Stanley made it to portugal:) We took flat stanley for my nephew to North Carolina with us. We really had fun doing this.

Tammy said...

What a NEAT idea! Great for a geography project!

Happy travels, Stan.

Lighthouse Prayer Line said...

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Michelle said...

I have a friend with something similar but it has her face on it. People she knows take it on trips with them and they take pictures. It cracks me up.

TCKK said...

That is such a neat idea! I bet your kids had fun with it and I bet Maya will have a blast at school telling everyone about it!! So neat.

Beautiful Pear Tree Lane said...

Hi Nina,
So nice to meet Flat Stanley,I think he had a wonderful vacation with you all and will have lots of great things to tell!!!What a great idea!!!! And as always you are such a blessing to me!!!

Capri K said...

Hi Nina, I came over from FringeGirls. We had a Flat Stanley from Kentucky come to our small group Bible study up here in Michigan! I remember our kids doing that project, it was always fun!

Tabatha said...

If only we could travel as Flat Stanley does... we'd be there tomorrow (or however fast mail delivers from here to there!!!)