Thursday, March 26, 2009

Girls Rock!

A few Saturdays ago, my family and I went to see a professional girls basketball game.

In Europe, basketball is a far second to their beloved soccer and I noticed a few differences between professional ball here and the States....

  • First and foremost it was FREE!
  • There were about 30 people there.
  • Kids ran out on the court at half time and shot the ball around.
  • Part of the gym which could pass for an average high school court was roped off with police tape.
  • The players live in a hotel, not luxurious houses.
  • After the game the players walk to the stands and greeted folks.

But let me tell you what.....these girls might not be good enough for the WNBA, but they can play ball! I had so much fun watching the no-look passes, blocks and what amounts to tackles. They won this game and advanced to the playoffs.

We had 4 of them come over for dinner last Saturday and to watch a little March Madness. We had a good time and we plan on going to another game soon.

Look what's for lunch.....


Trinity loves puzzles.

Some friends of ours, (yes, we have friends) made a quick visit to The States recently and brought us back gifts! Who doesn't like gifts?!?

Washcloths are hard to find in Portugal. Most folks uses sponges or nothing at all I guess, so Ms. Julie remembered my frustration in needing these babies. But aren't they adorable with our names on them?? But you know what's NOT adorable though? The stack of washcloths after each kid has taken a bath where they ramble through the whole stack looking for the one with their name on it. I'm sure if they use someone elses washcloth, they'll melt.

The book she's reading is in Portuguese. She actually looks like she understands it....I am SO jealous!

He hates haircuts, so we buzzed him at home. Poor thing.


Dani Joy said...

OH how fun!!! I didn´t realized there was a Woman´s professional team.. I must be semi professional if you got in for free. We had one of the Professional Men players and his family come to our services about 4 years ago and he got us into 2 games for free. The Mens league is doing really well. The games are sooo loud though.. honking and yelling through the whole game and I came away with a huge headache!!!

How wonderful you could have the girls over for dinner. Are they all Portugeese?

I thought it was crazy there were now wash clothes either... but guess what we just found in a new cheap store here in Asturias... Washclothes that match the towels!! wow!! So I bought a whole set. We needed new towels any hoo..
your washclothes beat all though!! way cute!!

We cut our boys hair at home. It use to be traumatizing too. Now it´s a science. jeje

Beautiful oranges!!

And beautiful Nina!!! Love your hair and you look Marvelous!

Ok.. enough for now.. I will write ya soon. i am frantically cleaning for company..jeje.. they get our room and we move to the study/school room. IT´s just nicer that way.

Big hugs!!

Jen said...

Isn't it so fun to get those special little gifts from people!? We just had a team from our church come and they brought us a whole bin of goodies. We felt so loved!

TCKK said...

Such a fun post. That sounds like my kinda basketball game. The oranges look delicious and your kids are so cute. She's reading in Portuguese and you've only been there a year! Wow!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter rocks! Reading a book in another language is awesome and understanding it kicks butt.

The oranges look super yummy.

The pict of you and your husband is so cute. You look fabulous!


The Hat Chick said...

Great photos. Loving the appreciation for the "lesser sport". I am sure the players were grateful.

liz said...

Wow! Free huh? That's my favorite kind of entertainment. I love all the pictures! Those oranges look wonderful!

Pilar Stark said...

Your hair looks pretty all flipped out :)

I never got into the washclothes while in the States, so I don't miss them at all now :) I always loved sponges... so much better ;)

Your boy looks cute all buzzed and all :)

Kids are amazing about learning different languages.My girls are amazing, they can read, write, and speak in two languages without accents and mistakes :) They are going to be able to score some good jobs when they grow up :)

Starla said...

The free part of the basketball game sounds awesome. The washcloths are so cute. Love all the photos.

Tabatha said...

Basketball game sounds fun! and free sounds better!
The oranges look delish!!!!!!
And hang in there, you'll get the language... for all you know, Brookie could be pretending to understand and just putting on a facade for the camera! LOL!

Tori said...

Wow, free anything is awesome!! How did you watch March madness at home?

So what did you do, just go up and ask the players to come home with you or what?

Those little towels are so cute, you're friend must really like you folks!!

BTW, I love your hair!!

Dani Joy said...

Just wanted to stop back and say thanks for commenting on my boys blog. Sooo sweet!

Amrita said...

Love your photos. The flowers are so pretty too.

Beka said...

I think your little boy looks cute with his haircut! :-)

Michelle said...

How fun! Girls totally rock! My daughter has her BFF spending the night. Those oranges look so good. Have a great weekend. :)

Tori said...

Hey Nina,

No not the same photo but yes the same place. The kids had never been so we took them, it's nice because it's not usually crowded and so we can relax and act like Americans apposed to Europeans. I'm sure you know what I mean!

Tammy said...

No washclothes here, either. Isn't that crazy? Those were a lovely gift for each of you! I know what you mean, about gathering a squishy wet pile of washclothes after each bathtime, LOL!