Friday, June 12, 2009

Phobia Phriday (with the Preacher)

Welcome to another edition of our weekly posts about very random and often phunny phobias which have been medically documented in one reference book or another. Each Phriday we will list, define, and give an example of one of these irrational phears, phictional or otherwise.*

Asymmetriphobia - a phear of asymmetrical things
It may also be called -
  • The phear of mismatched things
  • The phear of one-sided things
  • The phear of things that aren't symmetrical
  • The phear of things that have a lack of symmetry

Maybe that's the way asymmetriphobia began...aphter looking through old baby photos you realize that there was something crazy about that sweater that Granny knitted you as a baby. Out of phear of offending her mother-in-law, she made you wear that out of kilter thing all the time. Now, 30 years later you have problems looking at this:

"Get me outta here! Straight lines! Must....have....straight lines! Neeeeedddd equality and balance!"

As always, have a wonderful weekend in the Lord Jesus, and remember iph you are asymmetriphobic, stay away phrom the abstract collection in your local art museum.

*No attempt is made to truly offend or belittle an actual medical condition that the reader may or may not have. If such offense was taken, we sincerely apologize, advise you to contact the applicable counselor, and avoid contact with this blog post until such phobia has been overcome.


Betty said...

LOl! ***No offense was taken...

I think deep down I have this phobia just a teensy bit. It´s hard to look at that sweater! :)

Unknown said...

You're just a mess! What more can I say?? Love visiting your blog!

Cathy said...

That is just too phunny!!!

Pilar said...

This series is so funny!

The Hat Chick said...

Call big pharma....they haven't come up with a pill for this one yet, have they?

Anonymous said...

Funny, I have an aunt with this phobia. I always mess things up when I go to your house just to drive her crazy.