Thursday, August 20, 2009

Birthday's, Peppered Cantaloupe & Road Flares

Tuesday evening we had the privilege of attending a birthday party for Brooklyn's best friend, Inês. It was quite an opportunity for me because I took all of the kids by myself. Michael was at an evangelistic meeting for soccer players, so I got to go to the birthday party without my "language helper". Almost as soon as we arrived, all of my kids disappeared and I was left in a room full of strangers. One very nice girl decided to be my friend and we chatted most of the night about all sorts of topics, but mainly about health care in Portugal verses heath care in America. The party started at 8:30 and we arrived home at almost midnight....on a weeknight! I still can't get used to how late everything happens over here.

They all got a kick out of the goofy American lady who made faces while eating their "Peppered Cantaloupe". Seriously, this cantaloupe tasted like fire! (and No I've never actually tasted fire...before Tuesday, anyway. This day will forever go down in history as the 'Day I Ate Fire'.)---Why would someone do that to a cantaloupe?!

Out of the 25 people there, we were the only ones not related. Which is a pretty big deal.

The girls enjoyed playing with Inês' toys and reading her books.

The birthday cake

Now...THAT'S a candle! Or is it a road flare?


Becka said...

You are so brave ,I would have never gone by myself,
I dont like going to a party if I dont know ALOT of people, & I talk like them ,?

I dont think that was a candle?
if so,lots of DANGER is what a sign beside it should have said, lol

Dani Joy said...

What a great experience!!!

To think you probably wouldn´t have had this if your children weren´t in the schools. We miss out on things like this a bit. The boys are playing in the plazas a lot more but well, you know the result of that. I will be praying for God´s leading in the lives of Inés´family.

I am so excited for you to really have had a good evening speaking in Portugese too! and the night you ate Fire!!! Great memory!! LOL

Great post! great pictures! Loved seeing the girls playing in Portugese! ;)

The Swan's said...

Thanks for visiting my new blog! You have a beautiful family and I have enjoyed reading about your life in Portugal.
I am definately large and pretty miserable, but the babies will be here soon. I am so excited school starts on Monday and feel a little guilty about that. I am ready to put my feet up and you have a great idea with the fans.

Pilar said...

Pepper canaloupe??? Pepper??? Why???

Way to go on putting yourself in the posstition of having to speak the language you are learning. It is the best to go and the way to learn fast. I know when I went to the States getting myself with the american people (boyfriend :)(That didn´t speak any spanish helped a lot.

Such a blessing too that you are in with the people.

Mom said...

cute cake.. that flare looks like the one on Raygans last cake. Denise brought it home from India.
Faith is all about having her picture taken isnt she?
Love you

Starla said...

That was a pretty cool cake too with an AWESOME candle!

Jen said...

Definitely a road flare! I would never think to start a kid's birthday party at 8:30 at night! That's crazy! Glad you had a good time.

Betty said...

I bet the kids were happy you went with them. they seemed to have a lot of fun. Loved the pic´s!

Jennie said...

Hi! I found your blog and just wanted you to know I enjoy it.

And I am glad I did not have to eat that cantaloupe! ;)

TCKK said...

Peppered Canteloupe? I can't even imagine.

Paula Micheal said...

I enjoy cantalope but peppered....I just don't know :)

Hi, I'm Paula an this is my first time seeing your blog. I have enjoyed it.

Paula from 7 is heaven

Amrita said...

This is fun, peppered cantaloupe and the road flare!!!
I would like the try the cantaloupe

Amrita said...

Mom is right , In India we have those flares and they are quite common during festivals and weddings, we call them phool jharis or flower showers, they are fun. Kids love them.Otherwise they are known as sparklers too.

Mom said...

Does Amrita know your uncle is going to India as missionary?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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