Monday, August 17, 2009

Pizza Makers

As I've said before, I sure miss the convenience of pizza delivery. Or when we lived in LaGrange, we could pick up D*mino's Pizza's less than a mile from the house. And the deals we used to get at D*mino'! I could feed all 6 of us (at the time) for less than 10$.

Here, the nearest American style pizza (Pizza H*t)is about 30 minutes from our house, and to feed our whole family would cost about 50$. It's outrageous!

So, I made my first homemade pizza after moving to Portugal. Since that first pizza, there have been many more that have followed.....

some neighborhood kids have helped make...

some my own kids have helped make.....

What is it with kids? Anything that involves dough is so much fun for them, and when it involves real, true to life pepperoni that was given to us by Mimi.....well, that's icing on the cake!!

Here are the girls watching the crust bake before adding their toppings.

Here's Liberty spreading on the homemade pizza sauce.

Brooklyn prefers to sit and read and just eat the pizza when it's done.

Ahhh..the end result is a delicious pepperoni pizza. The kids think it's even better when they've worked so hard to prepare it.

I'm going to miss them when school starts back.

Pizza Dough

1 pkg Yeast
2 T Sugar
1 C Warm Water

Mix together. Let sit till yeast has reacted and has spread over the surface. Then add:

2 T Olive Oil
1 t Salt
3 C All Purpose Flour

Mix, forming a soft dough. Turn onto a floured surface and knead. Divide dough into half and then roll each half into desired shape. Makes two pizza crusts.

Bake at 350 until dough is done for your taste. Shorter for softer crust, longer for crunchy crust.


Amrita said...

Simply delicious.
I make pizza at home too.

Its too late in the day and the dough won 't rise due to the high humidity otherwise i would have made some.

Becka said...

Looks great,,
When do they start back ?
Are you only going to have one at home?
love you girl....

Pilar said...

It looks so cool!!!! Pizza here is a lot cheaper PTL haha
Your oven looks so cool!!!!

Starla said...

Looks good!

Jen said...

Yum! Homemade pizza is the best!

TCKK said...

That looks delicious!! I have an aunt that used to make homemade pizza when we visited. Much much better than D*minoes.

printable coupon said...

it looks soo delicious!!
i will try to make pizza at home.

Pilar said...

Hey girl, you have been awarded with the True Heart award for sharing the gospelk in Portugal. You deserve, come over my blog to pick it up

Jill said...

Your pizza looks great! When we lived in Uganda I made pizza every Friday night. I was so glad to get back to the land of pizza delivery! But now I still end up making it more than buying it. It's expensive when you're feeding seven!

Pam said...

Well it looks yummy! And your oven is so cute!

Dani Joy said...

We do Dominoes Pizza here not to make you jealous...:( it´s a little more expensive so recently we waited for the boys to go to bed to order. shhhhh...

I am inept at making pizza, but I think I am going to try your recipe.

We don´t order very often mind you at $30 or so it´s still expensive. :( Oh not to mention our fitness journey!! LOL...

I love the picture of the girls looking into the oven. And oh Brooklyn cracks me up!! that would be me. I use to lock myself in my room for hours just reading. Good for her... but then she is gonna get married and have to learn on her own if she doesn´t pay attention now. jejej.. that was me.

Big hugs!! Can´t wait to see you.

Anonymous said...

My kids love making pizza!