Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Festa in our Village

Every September our little village throws a huge party that lasts for several days.

It involves:

  • very loud fireworks that are launched at all hours of the night for days on end.

  • loud speakers on top of the catholic church where every one in the village can participate in mass from the comfort of their own sofa.

  • air shows

  • clowns

  • orchestras

  • bands

  • carnival foods (Like farturas...heheheh!)

  • bumper cars

  • campaigning politicians

  • and thousands of people
Most of the events we chose to skip, but we made plans to attend the activities for the kids on Saturday. Here are a few random shots.....

The kids didn't want to try a fartura....they chose huge lollypops instead.

Justice reading the instructions before jumping in the inflatable.

This little girl is one of Brooklyn's friends.

Faith giving one of her best friends a hug.

These clowns were SO crude...we left early.

This guy almost landed on my head.

Some bloggy friends and I have got a big surprise for you all! Within the next few weeks you'll be finding out more info, but it's going to be a type of "blog festa". (for you slow folks.....a blog party!) It will involve lots of cultural items from several won't want to miss this party! Stay tuned!



Betty said...

That blog party sounds interesting. Can´t wait to see what it´s about.
I liked pic´s of your kids, seemed like they enjoyed the festa!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Sounds like fun! and looks like the lollipops were a hit :o)

How adorable is Justice looking intently at the instructions :o)

And love the best friend hug!

Blessings & Aloha!

TCKK said...

The pictures with the kids and their suckers are so cute. Looks like they were having a good time with their friends!

Looking forward to the festa party.

Amrita said...

We are having lots of festas in India. And there is one taking place tonight quite close to my house.

Googled for a fartura recipe, could not find any in english.

Pilar said...

The fiestas of our town is this weekend too. We didn´t go last year but this time we found a schedule of what was going to go on and found lots of kids fun there so we will go do some stuff.

Of course we will also hear fireworks and concerts all night long with music so loud it will seem they are in my patio.... oh well :)

Tori said...

Sounds like so much fun!
Kinda sad I wasn't invited to participate in the "Blogfesta" but I'll get over it, really I will. My husband used to be a counselor and I'm sure he can help me deal with this rejection and learn to go on with my life despite the obvious heart break.

Have a great day! ;0}

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for a good party!


Dani Joy said...

I didn´t see these pictures yesterday. So cute how Justice is trying to read that sign. did you tell him he had to inorder to go jumping. LOL. Poor thing will be there a long time. I would be too with all that Portugese.

I hope and pray you have a good little break. I will miss you! even if you think I don´t check my e mails. jeje I am just getting myself use to this schedule still. My computer time is limited quite abit.

big hugs!

Becka said...

I remember last year you posted the fire works, I feel sorry for you :(

Glad yall can find a little fun in all that,,

I'M ready for the party!!!