Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bloggy Breaks and Fat Noses

I have to leave you for a few days. A type of bloggy break.

Us mainstream, hardcore bloggers get burned out from time to time, you know.

But while I'm gone I'll be thinking on all the wonderfully interesting posts I'll do for you when I return. I know, you can't contain your excitement.

So while I'm gone, leave me an encouraging comment. Tell me how you think my nose has shrunk since I've lost a little weight. We all know my feet have. Only someone like me would be concerned about the size of her nose while trying to loose weight. Are there target exercises for one's nose...hmmm?

Hopefully I'll return with some beautiful pictures...I've got a few ideas in this tiny brain of mine. I'll tell you all about my "break" when I return.

So where were we??? Oh yea, those encouraging's your turn.

See ya in a few days.



Dani Joy said...

I use to do facial exercises! but not for my nose. I did it to get my neck and double chin thinner. LOL .. didn´t work too much.

You have a nice nose. Never noticed it being extra fat or large. That is a funny cartoon though. I hope mine isn´t too fat.. never thought about it... is my nose fat? anyway if mine is so are my boys noses. They all have my nose. That´s the only part of them that looks like me. (btw)

Have a great time girl! I miss you already!!! sob sob!!

TCKK said...

We're gonna miss you. Hope you won't be gone too long. If you check this you might want to enter the contest on my blog, it just takes a comment and I will ship overseas to you if you win.

Becka said...


You are always the one encouraging me >>:o)
But I do hope you enjoy your break,you need one ,you have been posting everyday..not like you, why?
Oh! you was geting ready for your break,, i get it now..

love you sweetheart ,Thanks for my card.

Jill said...

Hurry back! I enjoy your posts.

The Herd said...

I thought you were beautiful even in your mask!!!! AND your feet are smaller!!

liz said...

Have a good "break". We'll miss you. =)

Tori said...

Okay so I'm the other wierdo that worries about the size of my nose and whether it will shrink or not with weight loss.

Have a great break, waiting patiently for those photos.

Oh yea and BTW, you look great, tall, lean, mean machine!!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Have a great break! And look forward to what you have planned when you return :o)

Also, dont know if I said this already...(sorry if I repeat myself!) ...but I have an award for you at my place... please take a peek when you return...

Blessings & Aloha!

Anonymous said...

What? A break?? And it sounds like you've got secret and interesting plans...

Can't wait until you come back with lots of great pictures and stories. Enjoy whatever it is you're doing and please do miss us. We'll miss you!