Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Need Your Help

I'm a lady in search of a new hobby.

I've photographed as a hobby.
I've read as a hobby.
I've baked, quilted and blogged as a hobby.
I've slept as a hobby.
I've square danced, eaten and made candles as a hobby.

Now I'm wondering what's left to do?

(Maybe my issue isn't needing a new hobby but a greater attention span.)

Any suggestions? What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Oh...and I was just kidding about the square dancing part.



Paula Micheal said...

Scrapbooking is alot of fun, now I've just started it myself so I can't give you alot on it.

As you've already mentioned, blogging that is one of my biggest things :)

Cross stitching is alot of fun. I really enjoy the small framed cross stitches. Stamped Cross stitching on larger projects is alot of fun too.

Hope this help you out a little :)

Becka said...

Square dancing,,I was about to say,I never knew that side of you !!

I got to think a little harder, but one comes to mind right off
--scrape-booking, all those pictures??
I like ,just never have time,,
oh & you know I love flowers(yard work)

Jen said...

Knitting!! :)

Mom said...

How about ceramics? I know of a couple of places in your area you could go and learn and be a blessing also!
Kisses and hugs, Mom

Anonymous said...

I think that you'd be great at scrapbooking!! Its always alot of fun for me.

Sorry I haven't left you a comment in so long. ( I always feel so guilty when I see lil ole granny on the side!)

Love ya!

TCKK said...

Have you tried scrap-booking or card-making? With all your photographs, you'd have some great things to work with. Crocheting is good too. I've done all the above, but right now my favorite is blogging and reading!

Sandy Sellers said...

You mean you have time for something else, Mother of five. You go girl. Love ya

The Herd said...

I sometimes paint!!

Tori said...

You sound like me, Jack of all trades and master of none, unless you mastered all those hobbies. Nah, you're probably like me, short attention span.

Actually when I was still working in the world a hundred years ago my boss called me into her office and told me I was doing great except for one thing, "you have a short attention span and really need to work on that." she told me and you know what, I still do.

See I already forgot that I was suppose to be posting hobby ideas.

Hmm...okay what about...sewing! Yea that would be great and with all those girls just think how handy that would be. If that's not for you you could always go back to sleeping, I like that hobby too!

Dani Joy said...

So funny, Nina! The computer is my hobby. LOL Anything and everything I find to peak my interest.

And now fitness! It´s taking up my time everyday so I guess it has turned into my hobby.

I think you are like me in this.. I start something do it for a little while and move on. I am a grazer. The thing that has lasted the longest is my blog. LOL

Julia said...

Photoshop!!! That's my hobby anyway. Turn your pics into art. It's scrapbooking gone digital...way cheaper.

You ate candles? And I thought I was weird. :)

Anonymous said...

I want to learn how to make scarfs. Maybe it's just because I wear them everyday STARTING YESTERDAY! It got freezing all of a sudden. Anyway...I've also scrapbooked. I only like doing it in a group though. I'm a social scrapper. How about painting? How talented are you anyway?? Painting always sounded like fun to me, but I'm low on natural giftedness.

There's always square dancing...

The Hat Chick said...

You better not leave blogging for greener hobby pastures.

I've done scrapbooking and card making. My sister is learning to can vegetables and make jams/jellies.

You could learn to samba... I know a little kid who could teach you.

Janice: AKA Nanny said...

Write a book. You are a natural and you have such good material. It could be about living in a foreign country, being married to a pastor/missionary/daddy/MAN!, a daily devotional for tired moms, living successfully on a tight budget, and I could go on and on. I love you and miss you. See you sooner than ever before.

Marytoo said...

Nina, this made me laugh. Reminded me of an exasperated high school teacher who told our class we had "the attention span of a chicken."

Anonymous said...

Ok, I came back to see everybody else's ideas, because I'm nosy that way. Anyway, I wrote 'scarfs' in my comment...what? Could I possibly have majored in English in college?? It's 'scarves'. Help me Rhonda! Maybe I should go back to school as a hobby.


Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Hmmm... I am so amazed that you have time to spare! I love to all sorts of arts and crafts... love to learn something new.

Are there any crafts that the locals are known for? That would be neat, if there was. I would love to make my own soap...I have books and some of the equipment to do that...but little free time to do it.

haha...square dancing may just be the ticket :o)

Blessings & aloha!

Anonymous said...

I would say with your eye for a great photo and your amazing creativity... drawing and painting would be something you would love. now I know you're thinking "what!?!" but really... its not that hard to get started, if you can hold a pencil and draw basic shapes, practice with some perspective and you're good to go... I'll also ship you some supplies to get started with... if you're interested. love and miss you guys!!
brigitta yank

Anonymous said...

theres also..... ballroon dancing,a sport of some kind,cupstacking(haha which is becoming a sport in the US), wood working/carving, pottery/ceramics, collecting,learning a third language hehe.... you are truly talented in anything you put your mind too

Marytoo said...

Hey, Nina in Portugal! Thanks for visiting my blog. ;-)

How funny about your husband at West Point. And y'all dating all four years, I know that puts you in the 1-2% minority.

That picture of us with our boy was taken at Plebe Parent Weekend in March. West Point is magnificent! Our son is a yuk this year, so we haven't been to too many events yet, but so far we are impressed. West Point knows how to throw a party!

And here is another thing we have in common. I graduated from high school in the Azores, where my family lived for six years, so I am somewhat familiar with things Portuguese.

Oh, and one more thing. Speaking of pictures, I love the picture of your kids on your header. They are precious, and they all have the SAME FACE! Had you noticed? ;-)


Jill said...

I think you should try writing. You have a natural gift on your blog for writing funny, amusing and interesting things.

Jungle Mom said...

Scrap booking and now you can do it digitally too!

Jungle Mom said...

Scrap booking and now you can do it digitally too!

Starla said...

Play on Facebook, lol.

Tabatha said...

Ok, now that you are over your shock from seeing a comment by me after all this time:

Your mom mentioned ceramics... I think that would be fun, or possibly pottery.

I'm much like Tori, to the point I have sadly let me blog go by the wayside. But hey, I am updating it right after I click on "publish".

Love y'all!!

Aurora said...

You could try knitting. I am even offering to teach you!