Monday, December 7, 2009

Another Holiday?!

Tomorrow is a holiday in Portugal. The kids are out of school.

It's Immaculate Conception Day.

Yep, a holiday to celebrate the virgins miraculous conception.

I don't have a problem with it really...a holiday is a holiday and I'm for any day that I can sleep in.

But my thought is this....Mary either had a really short or VERY long pregnancy, if she delivered on the 25th.

If pregnancies were only two weeks long, I might would have a few more kids.

Kidding Mom....Dad....I was only kidding.

Seriously, it doesn't even have anything to do with Mary's pregnancy, but rather when Mary herself was conceived. Explain that one to me please. (Wait.....I wasn't born yesterday, I know how it happened. But why is it considered immaculate?)

Here's a quick family update:

My husband is recovering from a very weird virus that left his body almost crippled. He's doing somewhat better. He's able to hold and use his toothbrush now....we're all thankful for that.

My son is still potty training. They always say it takes longer to train a boy. After 4 girls, I'm beginning to think potty training a boy is going to take as long as it is for me to learn to speak Portuguese.....correctly, anyway.

Trinity, who has been in school for almost 3 months now, responds to me in Portuguese more than she does English. She actually understand the cartoons on TV now and she plays fairly well with her classmates. That's IF they don't tell her she's not the prettiest girl in the school. Because Trinity is convinced otherwise.

Liberty, who has been seeing a pulmonary specialist has experienced quite a bit of relief from her allergy symptoms and coughing episodes. For this we are grateful. At least the hours we've spent in the doctors office have done some good, because all he seems to want to talk about is our large American family and how "deliciously intriguing" we are. (His words, not mine.) Strange I know. He even took out his cell phone and took our picture.

Brooklyn...well, I'm not sure how she's doing. I'll ask her when she finishes this book.

Faith is trying to convince me we need to keep the stray Husky that has wandered into our yard and refuses to leave. Michael even refers to it as my "step-dog" saying I can let him sleep in the dog house outside while Major enjoys the comforts of our home. He's temporarily been named "Private". Major is in charge around here, and Private knows it. But as long as he keeps howling at the moon and killing my neighbors rabbits, he will soon be called "Dead".

Me? Well, I'm enjoying the Christmas season. Praising the Lord for another soul saved last night at church. Orlando, a man we've asked many of you to pray for for a long time now, accepted Christ as His Savior last night! We praise the Lord, but still ask you to remember him in prayer as he still has quite a struggle ahead of him. We're in the process of moving into a new church building, which we desperately need. God worked out all the details and we are encouraged about the ministry here in northern, Portugal.

We are blessed!


Dani Joy said...

Ohhhh... I just updated my blog too! I like yours better! jeje

Such a great newsy letter. I had no idea.. silly me that this holiday was for Mary´s conception. I always thought it was sooo weird that we were celebrating Jesus´conception 3 weeks before he was suppose to be born. So it makes more sence to me. It´s all about Mary. It burdens me even more for our people steeped in this Maryolitry.

Oh I wish I could give you some potty training help but I think I must have tried 2 or 3 times with our oldest. The other two learned from watching him. So ... guess you are out of luck there. :O

So glad that Lib is doing better.

And sooo funny about Private! sure is never dull around your place!

big hugs, Nina mi Nina!

Cathy said...

That's wonderful news...another soul for Jesus!

Glad your husband is getting better. Also that Liberty is doing better with her allergies. I'm sure your son with get the hang of it all one of these days!

Your Brooklyn sounds like my oldest. She always had a book in her hand. Not so much now, but when she was younger. Now she's too busy with a boyfriend. lol

Hope Faith gets to keep the Private. Sorry, but I'm a sucker for dogs.

I think it's so cool that Trinity is speak Portuguese so well. Don't worry mama, you'll catch up one of these days. I can't even imagine what you are doing. Having to learn a whole new language while you're living in their country. Trying to cope with not speaking and understanding it all.

Take care and keep enjoying the Christmas season!

Janna Qualman said...

What a great and thorough update, Nina! I'm so sorry about your husband's virus, though, that had to have been tough.

Take care, and Merry Christmas!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

too funny! I love how you think! haha

As for your family update...goodness! It is very good to hear that your hubby is doing better!

...ah...those good ol potty training days...that is one thing that I do not miss :o) We had our two girls and then our surely did seem to take him longer.

...How awesome to hear that Trinity is speaking Portuguese and understanding it so quickly!

...And what a blessing to have Liberty doing better as well!

...hmmm...what book is Brooklyn into?

...Faith...sounds like she is doing a great job with convincing :o)

...and of that you are enjoying the Christmas season...I really am behind in more than my blog reading...none of our Christmas decorations are up yet! Hope to get to them this coming weekend.

God bless you all in your ministry and definitely Praises for all those that have come and are coming to know and accept Christ through your ministry there in Portugal :o)

Blessings & Aloha! (after midnight here...I better get some shut eye!)

The Herd said...

Love the post---maybe she had a normal pregnancy---b/c they say Jesus was born in the spring...maybe this holiday is more based on the real time?
I love that you reassured your parents that you were kidding...have to do that sometimes with mine---although I'd have more if not for my delivery style-c-section!
Happy Immaculate Conception Day for you guys!

Jen said...

Yes, that is an interesting point you bring up but I guess it's always nice to have a holiday!

And I would definitely agree...boys take longer to potty train than girls!

Praying your husband continues to recover fully. That is a crazy, scary thing!

Pam said...

Your blog looks so festive!

Loved the update on everybody. Praising God for Orlando's second birth!

Kelly Johnson said...

I remember it seemed the Portuguese kids were always off of school!! In the Azores, Dec 8 was so much fun. During the day all the store windows are papered over. That evening all the paper comes off, the city Christmas lights come on, and everyone takes to the streets for the evening. I enjoyed it so much. The 1st year was bad though. My hubby and I didn't make it as we ended up with a parasite which made us sick for 3 weeks! It was awful!!! We could hardly walk afterwards! Bad quejo do Pico. I loved it, but it didn't love me!

I truly enjoy reading your posts. Thank you for sharing!
Kelly in Okinawa

Betty said...

It´s a holiday here too! I think it must be a catholic country "thing". Anyway so far I´m being pretty lazy, reading blogs and doing laundry on the side.
I loved reading the update on your family.
Hope you enjoy your holiday!

Becka said...

Not sure I understand the holiday either, but I m with you any day off is good with me.
Poor Bro Michael,or should I say poor you,when Jims sick its like one of the babies are ,ok worse,lol
Im so happy to hear he got saved, I know yall are sooo happy.
Love all the news on the kids,
Brooklyn sounds so much like Dakota always to himself,
Im with Faith let her keep the dog!! PLEASE ! everybody needs two,lol
It being a huskey you got to send me a picture,my dog Molly is part huskey.
Trin is the prettiest :o)
Poor lib I feel sorry for her,cant be fun being sick all the time.
And that boy, all Im going to say is ,Im so glad you got a boy,
Everybody should have a boy,
love you ,

Julia said...

It is Catholic dogma that Mary was born without sin (ie immaculately... macula is the Latin word for stain and since she was born without sin's stain, she's immaculate) and indeed never sinned, thus preparing her to bear Christ.
The Feast of the Annunciation is on March 25th and celebrates Gabriel's visit to Mary and her virgin conception of Jesus.

The idea is explained in the Catechism here:

Anonymous said...

Man, you've got a lot going on! 'Deliciously intriguing'? I guess some people would really want that said of them. You're like the mystery family.

I'm really sorry to hear that your husband has been sick. What a crazy thing to have happen! I'm glad he's starting to feel better. It must have been hard for you. It's good that no one else got it. I'll be praying for his complete healing.

Olivia said...

Seems, for the Portuguese every chance to have a day off is good. :-) I think Portugal has the most public holidays (off work) in the EU while my country takes the 2nd place. :-)

I wish your husband a lot of energy and fast recovery. It's really a strange virus and I hope he'll get back to perfect health as fast as possible.

Tori said...

Wow it sounds like things are going great for you guys there in Portugal.

So glad your husband is feeling better. What sorta virus was it anyhow? It seems sorta strange to be kinda crippled from it, weird! Please don't send it this way!

Croatia celebrates tons of those Catholic holidays here. They just had Saint Nicolas day and all the kids put their boots in the windows and either got sweets if they were good or switches if they weren't. Good thing I didn't have to put my boots in the window, I might not like what he left for me.

Anyhow, enjoy the holiday season, I am!

June said...

I love you! I love the family news, my poor Bro. Michael! I am sorry he has been so sick!!! I love being in touch with the children's adventures! I miss you all just as much as I did the day you left us!!!! life is getting MORE and more interesting also.....Keep the blog happening are the best!!! And about Orlando !!! Praise the LORD~~~ PRAISE THE LORD!!! We have prayed for him...and YOU all.....PRAISE THE LORD!!!!TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!!

Marytoo said...

I have not seen anymore about your husband and his weird virus. I hope no news is good news?