Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just Plain Beautiful

Man....this makes me homesick!

The Army vs. Navy football game is this weekend!

Go ARMY beat Navy!


Dani Joy said...

Hey, Nina, we have this superbowl on video! We just recently watched it. It brings tears to my eyes hearing the choir! Beautiful!

Go Army! (I am with you all even though I dont´have a team. LOL)

Love you!!
Dani Joy

Marytoo said...

Hey, Nina! We are having a football party at my daughter's on Saturday to watch the Army/Navy game. We don't really care about the game...just want to see the cadets!!!

We have to tape it because one of my grandsons likes to watch it over and over. He calls it "Uncle Micah's game." Not that Uncle Micah is on the team, but...he is a cadet, and that's what counts!

Cathy said...

Beautiful indeed!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Great video! Are you able to see the football games? (Or do you watch them on the computer?) Anyways... I tend to just go with the underdog of the particular time, when it comes to the Army vs Navy brother is Navy, Hubby's retired Army... (Actually, I tend to cheer on the underdog team all the time...except for a couple). haha

Blessings & Aloha!

(...after being MIA with my blog reading...I'm afraid that no one will come back :o) So, dear friend, ...I really do appreciate when you have been able to pop in :o)

Mom said...

Oh boy, your right I cried too.
Those jets will get you every time.
A sense of pride.
(proud of my son in law)

Becka said...

That makes me wish I liked football, You know we race fans in heard co,ha.
I have tried to understand football ,I just dont get it,?

But I do wish I liked it, all my friends do..

Luv the video,

Marytoo said...

Becka, you don't have to like football to love Army/Navy!!! Football is not even on my radar of things I like. They always tease me that I watch "for the bonding" and it's true.

I don't watch the game, only the parts I like... like the half time show, or when they show shots of the cadets. I have my knitting or something, and then there are the little kids to play with. And anytime I want to get up, I never worry about missing a big play because... I don't care!!!

It's the best of everything...good family time, and good alone time, too. ;-) All at the same time! Try it!