Monday, February 22, 2010


Meet my new personal trainer......

Jillian Michaels.

She told me this morning that she is the meanest personal trainer there is....and you know what? I believe her.

She scares the daylights out of me.

The next 30 days are going to be pure torture.

As I put in my new 30 Day Shred DVD each morning and subject myself to torturous, rigorous exercises I'll be thinking about how fabulous my shoulders and biceps will look when it's all said and done.

Maybe this DVD will make me tan and have white teeth too. (Look at her...she looks like she's ready to eat someone!)

Day 1 - down
29 - to go

I've traded in my cigarette smoking Curves instructor, for this flesh eating trainer. Her voice alone intimidates me and when she looks into my eyes ( and tells me how hard the next 30 minutes with her are going to be, I'm ready to run back to bed crying.

Tomorrow morning as I open the door to the "gym", I'll walk in with a little more respect for her. Because after one workout, I've discovered muscles I forgot I had.

You might even hear me respond with "Yes, Mam!!" After each command.

This lady is no joke.


Betty said...

Good for you!! I really need someone like that to kick my *ss! :)

Dani Joy said...

It´ll work! She is tough but she sure does know her stuff! Just know I am doing it with you and as one friend in the military kept telling me... "keep pressing play"!

hahah! She does have fabulous teeth. and that grin does look a bit sinister!

I get to the second set of the tough circuits and tell her out loud that she is crazy! I couldn´t do my second set of walking pushups today. I never have been able to yet. I hope to get to doing them during this 30 days. Boy if this doesn´t firm up our chests I don´t know what will!

So excited we are doing this together. You can do it!

Love ya
Dani Joy

Mom said...


Angie said...


I was wondering what that "thing" is hanging around your new trainer's neck. Out of curiosity I clicked on the picture. Maybe I'm wrong, but it looks like a man with clinched teeth! If so, I feel your pain all the way from Portugal to Brazil! I hope you feel better in the long run for your bravery :) She DOES look intimidating.

Becka said...

I didnt make it the 30days, hahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!
And whats so bad now it would be over with,
I make myself sick !!,

Nina in Portugal said...

Oh, Dani Joy, I'm so glad to have you doing this with me too.

It was even harder the second morning because of the soreness!!

I'm excited! We can do this!

The Hat Chick said...

You go girl! I've heard she is pretty tough, but you can beat her! Make sure you drink enough milk...that always seemed to help with my sore muscles when I danced.

Anonymous said...

May the force be with you and your muscles too. If you get white teeth from these workouts, please let me know.


Heather Wheelock said...

Hey - You don´t know me, but I read your blog and am a missionary in Ecuador and I am doing that DVD too! I thought I would die when doing level 1 and then I started level 2. It´s a good thing I live in Ecuador, so that I can´t get close enough to that woman to strangle her! Definately a temptation EVERY morning! Does make me feel like I´ve accomplished something though everyday that I finish it! Keep it up! We´ll all be "shredded" together!

Nina in Portugal said...


HI! And it's about time you commented!!!

How cool is that?! You're in Ecuador, I'm in Portugal and Dani Joy (who commented up above) is a missionary in Spain.... and we're all shreddin' together!

Whoo Hoo for missionary ladies!!

It's been nice hearing from you...don't be a stranger!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, all of you missionary buff women... us stateside women will stay fat and happy. Eating donuts every morning and milkshakes for lunch... that's alright. I'll just keep having men ask me if I'm pregnant while my husband laughs and walks away... On second thought, anyone want to work out in the states? Us fat girls have to stick together too! I love you Nina and thanks for always making me either laugh or cry with your blog posts :)

Dani Joy said...

Ok.. I want to meet this Heather. =)

That´s so awesome we are all doing it together.

Nina, It´s possible! you can do it! I did something today that I thought I would ever be able to do. I did all the jumping Rock stars as Jillian calls them, right along with her! I kept up with her! I finished and let out a loud whoop!! yes, right here in our apartment. LOL Today is the first day ever that I did the whole level 3 right along with them!!!

Don´t stop believing! (couldn´t resist that)

Big hugs
Dani Joy

Mom said...

Ok, Im really starting to feel bad. Thats ok, you young chicks need to keep those bodies in shape... but look out, cuz you know what happens when you look that good to those husbands! I believe that last ones name is Justice!
Just kidding... I wish my body would let me do this work out that you all are having such a love-hate relationship with.

Love you! Mom

Kristina said...

Way to go!!! Losing weight is one of those very daunting tasks. Don't give up. My 30 day shred i collecting dust while my ankle heals. I really like Leslie Sansone's WALK AWAY THE POUNDS. She has different DVDS that work different problem areas. Hopefully, I can get back to exercising soon.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Whew! You are a brave woman! That is really awesome!

Blessings & Aloha!
I have something for you...and even if you are a blog free blogger...just know that I was thinking of ya! Please come and take a peek at what it is...

Dani Joy said...

Tag you´re it! haha.. I just saw that you came by my blog not 30 min. ago and didn´t write anything. booo! LOL WEll, now I am tagging you! jeje

Love ya
Dani Joy

Sharon said...

It's been a week and I was just wondering how the torture, I mean exercise, is going. :)

Nina in Portugal said...

It's going great! Thanks for asking.

I can already tell a huge difference in my endurance. I've already moved myself up to level 2 and once I can do it without stopping to catch my breath in between (which I do more times than I care to admit) I'll move myself up to level three. This is great training for running this Spring. Which is really where my heart is....I can't wait for pretty weather (and and smaller backside) so I can take off down the coastal road with my Lab!

Thanks so much for asking!

Amy Sue said...

Well, I am in Belize, Central America...I do not have the DVD, but would love to shred some pounds. I just had my 6th in September, and I'm ready to lose the baby fat. Unfortunately all I have is a WII. HMMM, maybe I could find the DVD at the market in San Ignacio? (wouldn't that be a hoot!)