Tuesday, March 2, 2010


First of all I want to thank My Lord for bringing my son through a very scary 24 hours. After one trip to the hospital, his symptoms only worsened. Severe breathing problems with a croupy cough. He's doing better today, still not well, but at least he can talk. Where yesterday and last night he couldn't, for lack of oxygen. I'm ashamed to admit I haven't prayed that hard in quite a while.

With all that said.....God is so very Good!
Here is the little knucklehead.....

We've been busy doing what we do. Ministering and raising a family on the mission field. There are no two days alike, and we never lack for something to do. We thank the Lord for His blessings, provisions and guidance.

We just passed the two year mark here in Portugal. My husband and I were on a date the other night at a small neighborhood restaurant. We can walk to it and it's become one of our favorites. It's off the beaten path and purely Portuguese. We always get fantastic olives in which I get to eat all by myself, because my hubby has yet to learn to appreciate them. The waiter comes to the table, tells you what his mother or wife has prepared in the kitchen, and you choose one of the two or three dishes available. This night the choices were goat, veal, and pork loin. As we were waiting for our food I began to think about restaurants in America. It took me a while before I could imagine how food was served. Here it comes "family style". You order a dish and it comes on a platter and you serve it onto your own plate. This makes sharing and trying all the food available on the table quite easy. I like it that way. I had almost forgotten that most restaurants in American don't do that......I'm afraid that when we are able to take a furlough, I may experience a bigger culture shock upon re-entering the States than I did moving here.

The kids are all growing and speaking Portuguese better than me. Trinity, our 5 year old, who didn't speak any Portuguese until she started Kindergarten last fall, corrects my verb conjugation all the time now. It's not fair how easily kids learn.

Spring is on its way here in northern Portugal. My mom will be visiting with us for a few days while the kids are out for Easter. We are looking forward to not only her arrival, but the arrival of pretty weather. Evangelism is so much easier when we don't have to fight torrential rains and cold weather!

Have a great week ya'll!


Dani Joy said...

Praise the Lord Justice is doing a bit better. I will go to bed praying.

I am praising the Lord for your faithfulness on the field God has called you. For one, I get to reap the bennies! I am praying we can get together. mauling it over and trying to work out a plan. LOL Being in neighboring countries should make it easier shouldn´t it?

Praise the Lord your girls are speaking Portugese so well! this is a huge plus. sometimes wishing we had done it the other way around. =) They will be more Portugese than anything. and yes, reverse culture shock is imminent!

Hugs from your neighbor,
Dani Joy

Mom said...

Ok, your in deep trouble. I sure didnt want to read about my grand-son's sickness on your blog!
Bless his heart. Us folks at home cant pray for him when we dont know he is sick.
Tell Justice that Mimi is sorry he is sick and hopes he feels better soon. Give him a hug and kiss.
I love you, Mom

Cathy said...

I'm so glad you son is better. That must have been scary. I'd love to go to a restaurant that serves that way. Sounds fun.

Janice AKA Nanny said...

My heart sank when I began to read about Justice's illness. I understand your feelings. I went through that with Mark and he spent his second Christmas Eve in the hospital in a croup tent. I am so thankful that my grandson has a mother who knows to call on Jesus for all her needs. I love you and I thank our Lord that Justice is OK.

Jill said...

I'm so glad Justice is doing better! I'll be praying for his complete recovery. Glad to know things are going well, and fyi, you will experience some culture shock when you go back to the States for furlough. It's a fact of missionary life. BUT God is good all the time, and He'll help you and your family through that as well!

P.S. I love olives as well, but my husband doesn't appreciate them either. More for me!

The Hat Chick said...

Thank goodness all is well with your little one....how scary!

I like family-style dining too. It's much easier to give away all my olives that way....

Stephanie said...

Nina, So sorry to hear your little man is so sick. We'll be praying for him. Know what you mean that 2 days are never alike. It's definitely an adventure, but there is so much to be thankful for. I especially realize how blessed I am after the Lord bringing us through the quake.Hope you have a great visit w/ your mom.

Kelly Johnson said...

I love reading your blog! Congratulations on 2 years. Our first time back to the States after living in the Azores was quite tramatic. I broke down in the syrup aisle! In the Azores they either had syrum (1 american kind) or they didn't! In the States there is just so many choices and it made shopping harder for me!

So glad your son is ok. It is so scary when our children are sick. God bless as you continue your work in Portugal!
Ate logo!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your little cutie has been sick. I'm glad he's doing a little better. I'll pray for him to get completely well and quickly. It's no fun being sick!

It's a huge blessing that your kids have learned the language so well. It's really amazing. I'd still be working on Hello & Goodbye.

Praying for you.

Betty said...

I loved reading these updates. And so glad your son is feeling better! PTL!
I bet the kids are excited to have their grandma come to visit!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Praise the Lord that Justice is better! Praying that by this day, he has even better and better!

How awesome that the kids are doing so well with the language!

Blessings & Aloha!
Just getting around to catching up on my fav blog reading again!

Sharon said...

How is your son doing? I hope and pray he is much better by now! It is such a scary feeling when something goes wrong with the health of a child, but thankfully our Lord and Savior knows all about it and we can hold His Hand through it all.

Sandy said...

"Ain't God good" All the time. I think of Bro. Danny when I hear or read those words. Also Bro. Bobby Tackett would say the "All the time"
Glad to hear about Justice is doing better.
Love ya