Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dia das Criaças - Kids Day

I'm SO glad it's finally June!


The Chicken Pox has come and gone. Now that all five kids have had them, some worse than others, I can put that scary childhood virus behind us and move on!

Today in Portugal is Kid's Day. All the local businesses have some sort of offer for the kids. Maybe a free coloring book, free stickers, 1 Euro train tickets and a play day at school.

Last year I knew very little about this day, and allowed my children to stay home from school (they are still in school until the 18th of June. They don't start until mid September) to witness the miracle of birth. Our little Tigra had kittens and I thought it more educational than a day spent playing at school. But they were informed the next day at school that they had "really missed it"! They missed inflatable bouncy things and worst of all they missed ice cream! *gasp*

So now I understand the importance of allowing my kids to be...well...KIDS on Kid Day! After all, children are 'not machines' we were told after only a few months here in Portugal. (Apparently we were expecting too much out of ours!) But we as parents have higher expectations for our children. We've had to find a nice balance between responsibility and childhood pleasures.

Speaking of pleasures....look what's in season right now! We pop them and eat them like grapes...fabulous!

This was my gift to my little kiddos...for Kids Day.

Major hates the pool and all the splashing that he gets from it. He's disgusted with me for bringing it home.

Got to love a little blond headed kid with a "pool hair-do". It' so messy, it's cute.

And Tigra could care less as she is dreaming sweet dreams today and not in the pain of labor like she was last June 1st!

Summertime....here we come!


the domestic fringe said...

The cat with the stuffed animal is SO cute! Glad your kids enjoyed their special day and are over the pox. My kids have been whining that we are about the only ones on the street without a pool or any source for water fun. It's a hard life sometimes. ;-)

Tell your children I hope they enjoy a long summer of fun in their pool!

Cathy said...

Happy Kids Day.

I can't believe your dog doesn't like the pool. Isn't he a lab? I thought they always liked water. Anyway, I need to get a pool like that. Looks like fun.

Love the picture of your cat with the stuffed animal and your daughter's pool hair. lol

Have a great day.

Dani Joy said...

That´s an awesome pool. It´s bigger than ours was the years we lived in the town home. YOu will have a grand ol time. Just keep Tigra away from it. ;0

So glad you are all free from the pox now. what a dreadfull mess that must have been.

Hope the kidos have a great day at Kids Day! Sounds Like a great day! I understand about the expectations thing. Seems there are alot of holidays here and we just don´t follow them all either. We end up doing school right through them. but we are done now! yippee.

Wishing I could come see you!
Love ya!
Your neighbor,
Dani Joy

Jen said...

My kids were saying around Mother's Day that there needed to be a Kid's Day! I'll have to tell them there is one in Portugal!

I just bought some cherries! They are probably not near as good as yours but they were still yummy!

Betty said...

You know what you did to me with that cherry picture?!! I LOVE those and want some!! :)
Happy Dia de Niño!!

Kelly Johnson said...

I remember this day! We always walked into downtown Ponta Delgada where they had booths and different things set up! As a kid I wouldn't have wanted to miss the kitties being born!!

Tori said...

So glad the POX are gone!! I know that's so taxing.

Wow, a pool. We got one a few years ago, one of the bigggg ones and now we're trying to sell it. We have furlough coming up and we don't want to let it set for a year. Anyhow, I miss it but it sure does a job on the grass.

Anyhoo, enjoy!!

Samantha@ Living In The Sun said...

Glad to here the pox is over, that's a horrible time for kid's.
Strange black labrador dosn't like water, my dad had one when we were kids's, couldn't keep him out of the water.
those cherry's look lovely.

Best Regards Sam

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Happy Kid's day! Happy June! Enjoy many days of pool hair and cherry eating :o)

Haha...had to laugh at Cathy's comment... every labrador we have known has loved the water and would head straight in! And also great advice from Dani Joy...for Tigra to stay away from your fun pool :o)

Blessings & Aloha!