Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Furlough Frenzy

Time is winding down, and preparations are in their final stages.....less than two weeks before we leave for furlough.  Lists have been made and many things already crossed off......

  • Get furlough vehicle to Birmingham.
  • Find a sitter for all my gorgeous Orchids.
  • Organize the dungeon. (our junk room)
  • Decide what luggage to use and how many pieces will be needed.
  • How many vehicles will be needed to take us + our luggage to the airport?
  • Find a Dog sitter, cat sitter and turtle sitter.
  • Buy 60 kilos of dog food for Major
  • Leave fridge running, or shut it down?
  • Make checklist for house watcher & dog/cat sitter.
  • Install electric fence to keep dog from wandering.
  • Decide what songs the kids will sing and in which language. (I stress THE KIDS, not me.)
This is only a sample of my to do list.  My schedule is in high gear lately, and the work in the ministry is showing no signs of slowing down.  (Praise HIS name!)

Trinity helping instal the electric fence.

Justice trying to be sweet.

He asks me daily, "Mom, are we going to Amewica today?"

Last weekend we had a Convívio das Casais. (Couples meeting)

It was a precious time of fellowship, prayer and of course, Eating!

Some of the dishes.  Michael made the dish on the left.  It's called Baclhau à Brás. (Cod fish and Potatoes)

Salad is amazing in Portugal, once you get used to olive oil and vinegar.....Now, I'll have it no other way!!

I'll certainly miss the fresh, daily bread!

Singing praises!

Ms. Dawne stayed upstairs with the kids to give us parents an evening with other adults.

I'm going to miss these people.

So...since I'm thrilled to be visiting my homeland, but torn about not seeing my friends and church family here.....does that mean I'm officially insane, or officially a missionary? 

I think the two go hand in hand.


Betty said...

I wish you all the best for your trip home. I¨m sure you will enjoy your stay there and come back refreshed and with new strength to go on.
Hope to hear from you while you´re in the US.

Jungle Mom said...

It is bitter sweet isn't it? God bless you in your travels.

Jill said...

You're both! : ) Enjoy what you're doing at the moment, whether at home or on the field, because the other is where you'll be before you know it. As incredibly busy as you already are, I hope you'll be able to keep us updated at least occasionally while you're on furlough!

Tori said...

I think that means you're a missionary.

I tell you what, after 11 years in Croatia my heart leans toward Croatia. I love America and I love all the family here but home is in Croatia. Although, I'm expecting that to change since we are leaving our son here for Bible college.
Oh yea, we're here until the end of November. Since we are leaving our son we're taking a full years furlough for his sake and mine.

BTW, last time we took furlough our neighbors told us not to turn off our fridge for too long, they said it would go out when we started it back up. Well we didn't listen and turned it off. Sure enough, we plugged it back in when we returned and the sucker quit! I don't think you're gonna be gone that long but it was a fridge story so I had to share!

Hope you guys have a wonderful time in the states.

The Dickinsons said...

Oh...I read thru your list...with my "heart in my toes" for it brings back soooo many memories of deputations gone by...and still to come! In Aug. we leave Colombia to work for the Lord in Argentina as well. (6 months there...6 months here...Lord willing.)
I can understand how badly you will miss your people. I remember the first time we left Colombia I got tears in my eyes, but was GLAD to be going HOME! But the next time we left...I left part of my heart here!
May God bless you as you finish marking off your list... (I think LISTS are a permanent part of a missionary's life =) and as you head back to Amewica. =)

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Prayers are with all of you as you "complete your lists" and travel! What a sweet time of fellowship there in Portugal and looking forward to hearing fo your sweet memories made during your furlough.

Blessings & Aloha!
...just wanted to stop by and say hello! Work this week has been long and busy, so not much blog time for me...I don't think I can manage to even get my one post a week up this week!