Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas On The Mind

Don't judge me please.  I'm not one of those people that puts up a tree in November and then completely skips over Thanksgiving.  I promise.

It's just that winters seem so wet...and so lonely at times, that having a tree up helps with the winter blues.

Monday night, after a failed attempt last Friday, was the night we finally got it all out.

I couldn't believe how quickly we got it done.  Proof my kids are growing up quickly, and know better how to do this stuff than I do.  Next year, I'll sit by the fire with a cup of coffee and give orders!

They even walked around with the camera snapping away.  Which means that Mom got to be in some of the photos!

At this rate, we could have a few more trees around the house! (I'm only kidding, my Love!")

(Speaking of more than one tree.....Are you one of those people?  You know...the ones that have a tree in every room of the house?!  If so, please explain this to me....I find it very confusing.)

Liberty looking a little bit like a character from bible times......

Me, being very thankful for free, picture editing websites.  I've aged quite a bit in the last few years....that complexion smoother deal is a blessing!

Trinity got lazy, it appears....

With 4 girls in this house, each within 5 years of another, it's amazing how different they are.

Personalities ringing out....sometimes accompanied with a little attitude.....but each so very precious to me.

So, there you have it.  A Christmas tree is up and twinkling in this little village in a cold, dark, rainy northern Portugal.  Only confirms to our neighbors that we are indeed, the crazy Americans!


Oh, and speaking of being Americans.....yesterday we were invited, Michael and I, to go to Trinity and Justices school next Wednesday morning to talk to the students about the American holiday, Thanksgiving!  And then today, we were invited to go to the Jr/Sr high school and do the same thing!  What an opportunity this is!!  Be praying for us, would you?


Tori said...

Oh wow, now I'm really home sick. You guys look like you're having a wonderful time preparing for, "The most wonderful time of the year".
BTW, with or without the photo editing program, you look great!

Cathy said...

I love your pictures. The kids did good with the camera. I don't think there's a problem with enjoying Christmas early. I mean just because you doesn't mean you can't enjoy Thanksgiving too. It's just that Christmas decorations are prettier.

We have one tree up right now. My hubby has always wanted a blue tree for some reason and he found one on sale last year after Christmas. So he put that up about a week or so ago. But they still want the regular tree, so I guess we'll be putting that up too. So this year we'll be one of those people (well with only 2 trees though) haha.

Heather Simpson said...

Always love your pics! Your kids are getting so big....about the Christmas deco. Don't sweat it! Here in TN., there are some that have had their Christmas lights up all year round!! LOL! I will be praying for your Thanksgiving presentation....what a neat opportunity. I am amazed at how you all have been received by the natives. That is wonderful! BTW, Freida sent me your recent Prayer Letter and I am also in prayer over these people God is dealing with. So encouraging! Would you please add me to the list?
~Heather S. :)

Amrita said...

Happy thanksgiving

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Aw! You all look awesome! Lovely Christmas tree and the decorators too!

I have not been able to stop by in a while, but I wanted to be sure to say Happy Thanksgiving!

Blessings & Aloha!
We have one tree...but I am thinking of having another one for the future with fun ornaments made out of bells or non breakable ones they can put on and off...and also a Nativity set that they can also handle and hold.

Mom said...

It may be a cold, dark, rainy Portugal... but... The Andrzejewski Family lights it up! I love you!