Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Faith and Friends

Faith had a pajama party for her 11th birthday.

I've decided that I like doing sleep overs better than 'Saturday afternoon--invite the whole class parties'.  They're a lot easier and the kids are so much calmer.  Just buy a bunch of junk food, let them giggle until at least midnight maybe 1:00, and make pancakes the next morning......wha-lah!  A perfect party for an 11 year old girl!

Faith started going to what amounts to the Jr./Sr. high this year, so she met new friends.  These three girls have become inseperable in the few short weeks since school started.

The fact that they were allowed to stay the night with our family, is a pretty big deal.  We're the weird ones, strange Americans that have funny beliefs.....I'm so thankful their parents thought enough of us that they allowed their girls to come. 

Her friends wanted to sing happy birthday in English.....you should have heard it!  It was a hoot!

Later in the evening I snuck into the living room to find them looking at my old pictures.  There were a lot of giggles and pointings going on!  I'm sure they were laughing at my 80's hairstyles!

There was even some discussion about where in the bible it says that you can't get to heaven on good works.  Faith, being a little missionary.

Then finally, the next morning, pancakes!  I made these to show them how it was done then I turned the griddle over to them.  They designed their own creations and ate themselves sick!

Now, as is my custom, I will list the top 11 reasons why I Love My Faith!

1.)  She's tenderhearted.  Especially towards those less fortunate, and animals.
2.)  She's always laughing.  Can be annoying at times, but it's certainly what makes Faith herself.
3.)  She's a whiz in the kitchen...my right hand girl.
4.)  She frequently requests that I stop what I'm doing and sit on the sofa to cuddle with her.
5.)  She's easy to please.  Doesn't expect much and appreciates thoughtfulness.
6.)  She's not embarrassed by me.  She loves when I'm goofy in front of her friends.
7.)  She's a beautiful, child of the King!
8.)  She's taught us so much....especially about having "Faith" in the Lord!
9.)  She's a pretty good big sister.  Only aggravating the younger ones, every once in a while. ;)
10.)  She's still her Daddy's 2x4.
11.) And she will always be my Faithy!!

"Thank You Lord for this perfect addition to our family.  You knew what you were doing in giving her to us.  My prayer is that she grow and mature in you.  Always having a desire to serve You with her whole heart."

Happy 11th Birthday sweet girl!
Mom and Dad love you greatly!


Cathy said...

Beautiful post. Happy Birthday to Faith!

Mom said...

That's my Fathie... it tickles me that she is an animal lover like her Mimi!
I love you Faith!

Mom said...

I love my Fathie!