Thursday, March 13, 2008

Typical Trin

Kids will be kids, no matter where they are!

I think all my kids went through this stage. The "I hate taking pictures" stage. If Trinity hears the words, "say cheese!" She immediately starts crying. Organized pictures are a major headache in this family. As you can tell by the look on my face.

I wasn't going to post this picture but after sharing it with a few people they though it would be a good idea. It helps you to see the "real" us. If we had audio for this might hear things like.....

"Trinity..stop crying!!"
"Why do you do this every time we take pictures?"
"This is supposed to be a pretty picture!"
"If you smile, Ms. Lora will make you more pop corn!"
"I'll let you play in the water if you stop crying!"
"Look, Justice isn't crying!"
"We need the "Mighty Trinster"...not the "Wimpy Trinster".

I laugh as I write this...but it wasn't funny then!


Anonymous said...

This picture of Trin needs to be on display the day she gets married! I want a copy of this picture and the one of Grandma. Love Mom

Sandy said...

All I could do was laugh when I saw the picture. I remember that look on her face. What a sweetie. Love you guys.

Beka said...

That's really cute! My youngest sister went through a stage where she was scared of the camera, so we have a lot of pics of her crying, or else the side/back of her head. :-)

Aunt LaShawn said...

The most interesting face in the photo is Nina.....what Mom's do for a Family Photo! Trinity will truly appreciate this one when she has children of her own, and you, Nina, can sit back and be "Grandma". -Love, Aunt Shawn

Anonymous said...

See, I would be crying if I had to sit on those rocks!!!

Tori said...

Very funny, kids will be kids!
It's still a great photo.

Heather said...

Seeing that picture reminds me of when you all visited our church in July for the missions conference and we had that meal downstairs. Remember the way Trinity jumped up when Curtis came to sit in the chair next to her! She was so scared of that tall boy!..... oh wow! That reminds me of that peanut butter pie I made that day....I'll make that again sometime... ~Heather

Anonymous said...

So, Trin crying is hillarious! Mom told me about it, but it's funnier to see it in person. Also, I might would be a more healthy person if I had all of the fruit trees that you guys have in your yard. Your blog has been such an exciting thing to read. It is so nice to see new posts and to be connected with you guys. I love ya'll!

Holly said...

Our daughter did the same thing for a while. Thank the Lord she outgrew it!